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How can something so simple be so good? A Hot Irish Whiskey is not only delicious but can also cure the common cold. Imagine if decongestant pills tasted this good. (Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor, just a believer in the power of Irish Whiskey)

Like many great cocktails, the origin story is debated. The IWSA likes to believe the Irish version which holds that the cocktail was originated by an Irish doctor in the 1800's. Dr. Robert Bentley Todd prescribed the hot concoction to his patients. Sounds like an excuse to be sick. 

There are many recipe variations for the 'Hot Toddy' but we prefer our Hot Irish Whiskey this way:




  • 2 oz Blended Irish Whiskey (Powers Gold or Tullamore Dew)
  • oz Boiling Water
  • 1 teaspoon Brown Sugar
  • 1 teaspoon Honey
  • 1 Full Lemon Slice
  • 6 Cloves


  • Pre-heat glass (Pour some hot water in then pour out)
  • Add Irish Whiskey
  • Add Brown Sugar and Honey
  • Place cloves in Lemon
  • Put lemon in the glass
  • Pour Boiling water in the glass


Stir the drink gently if at all. The boiling water should dissolve the sugar and honey. Stirring can dislodge the cloves from the lemon so be careful. All the flavor elements (lemon, cloves, sugar, honey) should combine nicely from the boiling heat. Amount of water can be adjusted to taste but you want to taste the whiskey.


Original recipe credit appeared here.

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