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Quail's Gate is the latest expression in the Green Spot lineup. The third release as part of the "Wine Geese" range, Quail's Gate launched in March 2023 as a Limited Edition. 
Green Spot is one of the original Dublin pot still whiskeys from famed Mitchell & Sons Wine Merchants. With its cult-like following, travelers to Dublin would make this a sought after acquisition up until about 10 years ago. With its Coming to America launch in the USA, Green Spot became widely available. My review of the original Greenspot can be found here.
The Wine Geese name is a take-off on the original Wild Geese label which describes Irish soldiers who fought in wars for other countries outside of Ireland in the 16th century. The Wine Geese name refers to Irish families who left Ireland and set up wineries in other countries. The Green Spot Wine Geese range are collaborations with these Irish owned wineries and celebrates Irish contributions to the wine industry.
The first release of the series in 2015 was the Chateau Leoville Barton expression which saw classic Green Spot finished for 12-24 months in French oak barrels formerly holding ex-Bordeaux from the winery. In 2018, the Chateau Montalena version was released using Green Spot matured an additional 12 months in French Zinfandel casks. In addition to the added maturation, both expressions were bottled at 46% abv, higher than the traditional 40% abv Green Spot.
The third release in the series is also bottled at 46% like its Wine Geese predecessors. Similar to those, it also takes original Green Spot and matures further in a prestigious wine from an Irish owned winery. Quail's Gate Winery in Canada is owned by the Stewart Family, originally from Kildare, Ireland. Green Spot Quail's Gate is original Green Spot finished an additional 16 months in the winery's Pinot Noir barrels. Unlike the first two releases in the Wine Geese series, Quail's Gate is a Limited Edition and not part of the permanent range.



Vibrant oak fused with notes of ripe cherry and fresh, juicy raspberry, elevated by the wine seasoning. These aromas are in balance with Green Spot’s signature orchard fruits of apple and sweet pear. The earthy, woodland spices lend themselves to the deep and complex characteristics found interwoven amongst the sweet vanilla and red wine bouquet.


It begins with a silky and sweet mouthcoating texture, with the wine`s soft tannins gradually showing their presence. Notes of dried cranberries and red apple follow, adding to the ever expanding array of fruits in this wonderfully complex whiskey. Clove spice and grated nutmeg work in balance with the succulent fruits, seasoned oak and crisp barley.


The toasted wood and pot still spices gently fade, with the fruits and red wine seasoning taking the final bow.


This expression has the wonderful Green Spot orchard fruits on the nose and tongue you have come to expect and love. It also brings an additional strawberry and raspberry element to the mix. Along with the additional abv, it makes for a welcome addition to the Green Spot lineup. Available in the USA where Green Spot is sold for ~$110. Grab one while you can since unlike the others, this one is Limited.

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