Dingle Donkey - An Irish Vodka Cocktail

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An Irish twist on the classic Moscow Mule cocktail specifically using Dingle Distillery Vodka.

Different versions of the origin story exist but they all have these elements in common. The original Moscow Mule was likely invented in the early 1940's at the Cock'n Bulls restaurant in Hollywood, CA. At that time vodka was not popular in the USA due to its association with Russia. John Martin had purchased the Smirnoff brand and was trying to promote it. Jack Morgan, owner of the pub, was trying to unload a large inventory of ginger beer that was not selling. Together they solicited a friend of Jack's who owned a copper factory with a large stockpile of mugs. The collaboration among acquaintances having surplus unwanted ingredients ultimately resulted in the legendary cocktail we enjoy today. 

The name was apparently born from the vodka's Russian connection and the "kick" supplied from the ginger beer. Our version substitutes a donkey for the mule and Dingle vodka for Smirnoff. Ginger beer is not alcoholic despite the name. It has a spicier ginger kick compared to ginger ale so it not recommended that you substitute.

Any glass can be used but the copper mug provides great insulation for keeping this drink extremely cold, highlighting the vodka. The beauty of this version is that it requires few ingredients or bar equipment making this both easy and refreshingly delicious.


2 oz./60ml. Dingle Vodka
6 oz./180ml. Fever Tree Premium Ginger Beer
1/2 oz./15ml. Lime Juice (freshly squeezed)
Ice (cubes, blocks, or ball)



Glass: Copper Mug


  1. Squeeze the lime juice directly into a copper mug, leaving the rind
  2. Add ice of your choice
  3. Add Vodka
  4. Add Ginger Beer
  5. Stir and Serve
  6. Garnish as desired



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