IWSA 10yr Anniversary Edition

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IWSA 10yr Anniversary Edition

This Limited Commemorative Edition is the first bottle launch by the Irish Whiskey Society America.  This 10 year premium blend celebrates the 10 year anniversary of the IWSA.
This special Irish Whiskey was created in collaboration with the IrishAmerican Trading Company and Achill Island Distillery in County Mayo.  Founded in 2014 by John McKay, the company is independent, family owned and operated.  The distillery is located on Achill Island, accessible by bridge on the west coast of Ireland near the town of Westport.  
The IrishAmerican brand trademarked the joined words to represent the link and history between the two countries.  The company's ship logo is for the "Jeannie Johnson", famous for making over a dozen trips to America during the famine years without losing any lives.  The ship logo faces west to honor the Irish immigrants who have made the trip to America.  The brand celebrates the IrishAmerican "optimism and pioneering spirit." The Irish Whiskey Society America is proud to partner up with a company that represents these shared ideals and history of our two countries.
The whiskey is a unique blend that can legitimately be called "premium".  First, it is an aged blend with all components at least 10 years old.  Second, it contains 70% triple distilled single malt and 30% double distilled single grain.  Sourced from two separate distilleries, the components were aged originally in ex-bourbon barrels before being married and finished in sherry casks.  Most blends on the market are traditionally "young" whiskies with only a 20%-30% malt component.  We wanted to make sure that our first IWSA blend was truly premium and worthy of the Limited Commemorative Edition label.
Our inaugural release is limited to only 120 numbered bottles.
Contact allan.dwyer@irishwhiskeysociety.com for availability.

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