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Ahead of Saint Patrick's Day, it is typical to see the release of new Irish Whiskeys as well as Best Available Lists from various publications. As people look to pick up a new bottle or two for the 2024 Paddy's Day weekend (it falls on a Sunday this year), here are two recent publications to help you make your selections.

Five Irish Whiskeys to Raise Your Spirits For St Patrick’s Day

It’s no surprise that it’s that time of year already, St. Patrick’s Day is upon us! So while you celebrate in a bar, at home, or at a whiskey tasting, keep an eye out for all of these on the back bar or whoever you may find yourself that has some of the best Irish whiskeys available for a worthy celebration. 

Redbreast 15 Year Old, 46%

Kicking off with a personal favourite, and something that I find myself buying at least once a year, Redbreast 15 year old. The 12 year old is wonderful, as is the 21 year old, but those prices are creeping up and up whilst this seems to stay at a very consistent price.

What the 15 year old lacks in a delicate manner to the 21 year old, it more than makes up for it with a balance of gentle, sustained oak influences with all of that classic Single Pot Still buttery, creamy, and just general deliciousness that Redbreast has become so famous for across the world. 

At about $100 a bottle, it’s pricier than most recommendations, but totally worth it whiskey to celebrate St Patrick’s day.  

Writer’s Tears Irish Whiskey, 40%

The Walsh Distillery in Carlow is quickly becoming a favourite with myself and many others. Producing whiskies that are always drenched with these ripe apricot and spring fruit flavours, Writers Tears is a firm standout in the range. 

A combination of pot still and single malt whiskies, the style and the rather evocative name are meant to recreate the champagne style of Irish whiskey that existed in the early part of the twentieth century. 

With writers, the likes of James Joyce, Bram Stoker, and Oscar Wilde hailing from Ireland, it’s no surprise that the title reflects the whiskey in its balanced, poetic and very influential style. This perfect St Patrick’s Day whiskey be found for about $40 per bottle. 

Teeling Ginger Beer Finished Blend, 46%


Jameson and ginger beer is one of the key focal drinks of the Irish whiskey industry, and that’s because it works very well. Honestly, try it at home and tell me it isn’t one of the best long drinks on the planet. 

However, in the name of experimentation, and that’s something Teeling is all about. Casks that had held Teeling whiskey were sent to Umbrella London, where for two years, the barrels held Umbrella’s homemade fiery ginger beer, after the beer was decanted, the barrels then found their way back to Teeling to finish off another part of their blended series. 

I love this product and if you’re a fan of ginger beer and whiskey, separately or together, this is something worth your time.

Midleton Very Rare Blended Irish Whiskey 2023, 40%


Celebrating its 40th Anniversary as a brand, Midleton Very Rare has been at the top of every Irish whiskey drinkers list since its origins in 1984. 

A blended whiskey of Midleton’s finest grain and pot still stocks, averaging twenty-plus or more years in casks, this is the premium Irish whiskey that everyone can afford by saving up to celebrate, or just splurging if you’ve got the capital spare. 

This thing never misses a beat with its long floral notes of heather and tangerine, intermingled with delicate barrel spices and those classic soft peppery notes of Single Pot Still whiskey production.

It’s an absolute gem, and in some eyes, mine included, a better offering of premium blended whiskey than what a lot of Scottish distilleries have, most of the time for a lesser hit on your wallet, as well.

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day and Midleton’s 40th anniversary together! Available from most whiskey specialists for around $260. 

Drumshanbo Pot Still Irish Whiskey, 43%


The Shed Distillery in Ireland has long been a favourite of my family, but mainly for gin…turns out they also have a whiskey! A single pot still whiskey consisting  of malted barley, unmalted barley, and Irish barra oats! 

All working wonderfully together, along with barrel influences from Kentucky and Spain, this rich, creamy, Pot Still spice whiskey is a true contender to take the place of some high-ranking bottles from across Ireland. 

Bottled at 43%, natural colour and un-chill filtered, at roughly around what Redbreast now want for their 12 year old, this thing is stepping into the boots of a rather big brand and taking, for me, quite a bit of its limelight. 

But with all things fun and new in Irish whiskey, this product is very much at the front of the queue. Hopefully, you’ll agree too! Found across whiskey specialists for just under $60 per bottle, and a wonderful way to ring in St Patrick’s Day.  

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