IWSA Micil Distillery Cask Announcement - July 2023

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Irish Whiskey Society America is excited to announce

its latest Irish Whiskey cask acquisition! 

The IWSA has acquired a 50 litre Virgin Spanish Chestnut cask from Galway's Micil Distillery, filled with their Heritage Pure Pot Still on July 7th, 2022.
We will officially announce during a Virtual Event on July 14th, 8pm eastern to celebrate the one year anniversary of the cask fill date.
Hosted by IWSA president Allan Dwyer, attendees will hear from founder Padraic O'Griallais of Micil Distillery about:
             - the Micil Distillery current location and future plans
             - Micil's Heritage Pure Pot Still 
             - the Virgin Spanish Chestnut wood cask
             - Micil's Range of Products
Attendees will have an opportunity to sample Micil Poitin. This is a great chance to experience the distilled spirit from Micil while we wait for it to mature in our cask.
Poitin Pak:
              25ml of the unaged Heritage Irish Poitin at 46% abv and
              25ml of Irish Poitin aged 10 weeks in Spanish Chestnut cask at 59.5% abv
These will provide IWSA members with an idea of the spirit with and without chestnut cask influence.
Take advantage of this opportunity to sample and learn about Poitin (It's not simply unaged spirit). Learn about the licensing, process, and history of this protected category in Ireland.
IWSA members can purchase a single or double Poitin Pak when registering.
(Quantities are limited and available to IWSA Members attending the event)
Zoom Link for the event will be sent prior to the event on the 14th