IWSA Book Review - Experiencing Irish Whiskey by Drew Hannush

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A wonderful new book was released just in time for the 2022 year end holidays. "Experiencing Irish Whiskey" was written by Drew Hannush, best selling author and host of the Whiskey Lore podcast
The book is a travel guide to Ireland with particular focus on the burgeoning Irish whiskey industry. To "research" for the book, Drew spent many weeks traveling Ireland and visiting Irish whisky distilleries. (To say I'm jealous would be an understatement.) What resulted is a chronicle educating about Irish whiskey history, how best to drink whiskey, travel tips around Ireland, and profiles of the distilleries.  
This book works for both inexperienced drinkers trying to learn about Irish whiskey to diehard fans who enjoy enriching their knowledge. Part history and part education, the reader is provided helpful tips and ideas for planning a trip to Ireland or staying at home with your favorite Irish whiskey. How to organize your itinerary with side trips in addition to the distilleries is provided. 
If not traveling, the book still offers insights into how to drink Irish whiskey including whether to add ice and what glass to use. In addition to fairly current information on the new distillery scene, a cross reference linking Irish whiskey brands is provided. The author truly understands the many different aspects that impact how people fully enjoy and Experience Irish Whiskey.  
Readers of the book can also enjoy further insights about whiskey and travel from Drew Hannush on his podcast Whiskey Lore. 
I had the pleasure of participating in a recent podcast interview with Drew entitled "What is the best Irish Whiskey" to promote the inaugural Irish Whiskey Society Awards, The Izzys
To purchase the book, Experiencing Irish Whiskey, check out the Whiskey Lore website or Amazon.

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