The Resurgence of Irish Whiskey 2010-2020

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Drinks Ireland/Irish Whiskey Association last week released their report summarizing the past 10 years of the Irish Whiskey industry.  It's a great read for those who want to learn about the tremendous growth experienced over the past decade, the new movers and shakers, and what the next 10 years may hold for the Irish whiskey industry.

At the beginning of the decade there were only 4 distilleries operating in Ireland. There are now 38 working distilleries!  The Irish Whiskey Society of America launched in October 2010 so we witnessed the renaissance at the onset.  We are now starting to see the realization of what many spoke about 10 years ago.  With most of the newer distilleries still less than 3 years old, there is much yet to develop within the industry.  The next decade promises to be even better!

The full report can be found here:   Irish Whiskey 2010-2020 Link


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