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Natterjack Irish whiskey is coming back to the USA.  While you may find bottles remaining on liquor store shelves, it has been out of stock in many cases. We posted the news of how the brand was purchased in August by US investors here. It is now planning its imminent relaunch, first in Texas, before more widespread release across the country.  

Natterjack Irish Whiskey Returning To The US

Ireland’s craft spirits maker, Gortinore Distilling, is bringing their renowned Natterjack Irish Whiskey back to America in early 2023. Natterjack Irish Whiskey is 100% distilled in Ireland and has a distinctly American accent. It will be first available in the United States at retailers, bars, and restaurants throughout the Dallas and Austin, Texas areas.

Natterjack is a vibrant, golden liquid featuring a bouquet of vanilla, sweet creamed corn, cinnamon and a note of malt that features a smooth, almost creamy palate of orange zest, all-spice and notes of cedar, tobacco and irony. It is triple-distilled with a mash bill of 20% malted barley and 80% corn, blended in-barrel and aged in former-bourbon barrels for three years and one day before finalizing in virgin American oak for 6 months. Natterjack’s finish is clean yet bittersweet, reminiscent of a warm, summer sunset.

“With Natterjack Irish Whiskey, we are crafting new tastes and traditions for a generation that’s challenging the status quo,” said Aiden Mehigan, founder and CEO of Gortinore Distilling. “I was inspired by American bourbons to craft something different, which would challenge Americans’ perceptions about Irish Whiskeys. What we’ve created is a distinctly different Irish whiskey that appeals to the tastes of American bourbon enthusiasts.”

Gortinore Distilling uses its energetic quest for adventure to take risks and make a whiskey that differs from the rest. The Natterjack Toad, an endangered species, is the only native toad to Ireland, and unlike others of its kind. The toad chooses to walk instead of hop, ending up in the most unlikely places – much like an Irish Whiskey ending up in America. Natterjack Irish Whiskey is an affectionate tribute to the Natterjack Toad and all it represents.

“This is an extraordinary whiskey for those who do things their own way, breaking traditions and expectations,” added Mehigan. “Our next greatest adventure is bringing Natterjack to the states; we want to encourage an entirely new group of whiskey drinkers to take the leap and follow the toad wherever it leads – doing so has only done us well.”

Whiskey lovers can find Natterjack Irish Whiskey in local stores, bars, and restaurants in the Dallas and Austin area, and in other U.S. markets during 2023.

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