May Day 2023

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Happy May Day with Dingle Distillery's new Bealtaine Irish Whiskey. Bealtaine is the Gaelic May Day Festival held on May 1st each year to celebrate the start of summer. The fire festival is commemorated by lighting a bonfire to symbolize the rebirth of the land after a long winter. Celebrating the beginning of harvesting season was traditionally one of the most important festivals of the year and involved rituals revolving around fire. 

Dingle Distillery is celebrating this May Day with their third and latest Irish Whiskey release as part of their Wheel of the Year series. The Celtic wheel of the Year is a solar calendar that marks the time and the seasons, divided into eight periods. Dingle Distillery’s Wheel of the Year series is set to launch eight editions, following the rhythm of the seasons, equinoxes, and solstices, plus a final ninth release to mark Wren’s Day.

Dingle Bealtaine is a non-age statement Single Pot Still matured in Bourbon casks before finishing in Shiraz casks. This is the first single pot still release in the series following two single malts, Samhain and La Le Bride. All three releases have been at cask strength with the Bealtaine bottled at 52.5% abv. The Bealtaine edition is limited to 5,500 bottles and will be available May 1st. 

Dingle is celebrating the Bealtaine release by hosting a special event in Wicklow involving all three whiskeys, fire inspired cocktails, a three course meal, storytellers, live music, and a fire show.

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