International Irish Whiskey Day 2023

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March 3rd is International Irish Whiskey Day!

A whole day every year just to celebrate Irish Whiskey.  

The day is the brainchild of Stuart McNamara, famed whiskey writer, blogger, and director of Portmagee Whiskey. Started in 2016, the day has gained traction with the rise in popularity of Irish whiskey over the last several years.
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But why March 3rd?
The number 3 has special significance for Irish whiskey and Ireland.  
  • Three styles of Irish whiskey (Single Grain, Single Malt, and Single Pot Still). Blends are a combination of these styles.
  • Three years of maturation to be called Irish whiskey
  • Triple distillation typically associated with Irish whiskey
  • Three leaves of the Irish Shamrock
  • Three colors of the Irish flag (Green, White, Orange)

The day (3/3) provides an opportunity to toast with your favorite Irish whiskey and also serves as a precursor to the parades and celebrations two weeks later on Saint Patrick's Day.  


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