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Things have been happening along the Causeway Coast.  Bushmill's distillery has issued a number of significant news releases over the past couple of months.

During 2021, Bushmills brought several limited, super premium offerings to market as part of the Causeway Collection.  This was welcome news as many have been hoping for a brand revival now that Casa Cuervo owns the distillery.  

The latest announcement is the pending release of the newest addition to their range of single malt offerings.  A 12 year old single malt will be added to the permanent range along with the 10 year, 16 year, and 21 year old bottlings.  The new release will feature the marriage of two single malts aged in bourbon and sherry casks for 11 years before being finished in Marsala wine casks.

This new release also coincides with the rebranding of the range that was announced back around Thanksgiving.  A look at the full range with new bottle design compared to the previous style:


Compared to the previous design:

Which one do you prefer? I'm a fan of the old design and the greater use of color and prominent age statement.  Regardless, newly appointed Master Blender Alex Thomas will be overseeing the portfolio of single malts.  The spirit has reportedly not changed; however, it will be fun to compare old vs. new to see if any differences are detected.  The new 12yr addition also brings a new flavor element to the mix with marsala, joining the port and madeira finishes of their aged bourbon and sherry stock.  Excited to try the new offering and start comparing.


Allan Dwyer 

President, IWSA





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