Bittles Bar in Belfast

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Is this Belfast's Best Bar? It certainly is one of the coolest.
Bittles Bar is located in the heart of Belfast, a few blocks from both Cathedral Quarter and Victoria Square. Let's start with the building. With its red brick facade, the Flatiron building, which gets its name from its architectural shape similar to a flat iron, is bordered by two streets. The distinctive building is hard to miss despite the narrowness of the three story landmark. Bittles Bar resides on the ground floor. The entrance is along the interior street, Upper Church Lane, which also has a few tables for those wanting to venture outside.
Once inside, the charm really shines. This is an example of where the interior lives up to the expectation created by the exterior. The bar is cozy with small tables and seating available for about 24 people. The small brick bar itself does not have traditional seating but rather tables front adjacent. Typical beer taps are about the only similar aspect to other pubs.  
Cool atmosphere is not all this bar has going for it. Many pubs make the claim for best Guinness pour. This one backs it up. Owner John Bittles claims the bar sells up to 700 Guinness in a day. There is plenty to choose from among the deep and diverse Irish Whiskey inventory to accompany your pint.
As you sit and enjoy your drinks, you are surrounded by red walls and ceiling which are adjourned by atypical decorations. While there are a few classic Guinness ad signs, what really stands out are the murals and pictures of historical figures and famous characters. Poets, writers, world leaders, and The Muppets all celebrating together.
Another unique touch are the cheeky signs that divulge both the classic Irish wit but also set the tone for the bar's atmosphere. This is not the pub to ask for beer samples. Ordering a "glass" or half pint of Guinness is a definite no-no. In fact, ordering a soft drink could be met with mild scorn and denial of service. Given the bar's limited space and popularity, seats are at a premium and usually reserved for those seeking a Guinness or whiskey. This may turn off visiting tourists as has happened in the past as chronicled here.
If you are looking for a bit of coziness with some added quirkiness while you enjoy your fabulous pint and Irish Whiskey then this is the bar for you.

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