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 Give the gift of a Lifetime Membership in the IWSA


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Thank you for giving the gift of membership in the Irish Whiskey Society of America!

By joining the IWSA, your gift will give the recipient lifetime membership in an organization whose goal is to expand the appreciation and awareness of Irish whiskey through the responsible and congenial enjoyment of Ireland’s signature spirit. Your membership allows us to continue our efforts via this website, our social media outlets, forums, tastings, etc. With your support, and alongside our IWS partners in Dublin, Ireland, we will continue to promote Irish Whiskey across America.

 Membership in the Irish Whiskey Society of America is open to anyone 21 years of age or older.

Only $50 for Gift Lifetime Membership!

Lifetime Membership includes all these benefits:

  • Personalized Membership Card
  • The official IWSA Túath Whiskey Tasting glass
  • An official IWSA shot glass
  • Exclusive participation in whiskey tasting events (virtual and in-person)
  • Exclusive availability of future IWSA Irish whiskey bottlings
  • Exclusive participation in future trips to Ireland to visit distilleries and pubs
  • One free copy of Irish Whiskey Magazine
  • Discounts at our favorite vendor stores
  • Exclusive Access to the Members Only store and IWSA merchandise.


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